At Cloetta, we want to play our part in social responsibility and support the well-being of children and young people in particular.

Cloetta and the Finnish Olympic Committee

In 2021, we started cooperation with the Finnish Olympic Committee. Our partnership focuses on supporting young people’s exercise through the Star Club quality programme. The partnership is part of our responsibility work.

Our support is targeted at the Star Club programme of sports clubs, which is a joint quality programme of the Olympic Committee, sports federations and regional organisations. Already 800 sports clubs are involved in the programme, and the Star Label has been awarded to 563 children’s and youth clubs in 44 different sports. The Star Club acts responsibly, listens to and encourages participants and responds to changes around it. For young people and their parents, the Club’s Star Label is a promise of a safe environment in which young people can exercise at their own level.

At the moment, we are not looking for new partners in the field of sponsorship.